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Limited 'Free' Service

After 11/30/2014, if your account has converted more than 100 messages, your service has be suspended until you donate (link off to the side <---).

Please stop sending your voicemail... nothing will happen (deleted upon arrival).

Well, the donations have stopped coming in. Therefore, new users are not supported (or allowed). I just don't have time to give you (new users). Current users who have donated will see no change.

If you currently have less than 100, once the 100 mark is reached after 11/30/2014, your service will be suspended.

Please use 'Contact Us' once you have donated or be sure to add your Username at PayPal.

Sorry... but there are users that currently have (had) been using this server for years. A conversion is delayed for DAYS... really.


'Nag' Message

Sorry to all, but a new 'Nag' feature has been implemented. Donate and it will be gone. 

With the message count approaching 100,000, my server bill have made it harder for me to 'give back' to the 12,000,000 possible iPhone users.



Remove Account?

If you no longer required your voice-mail files to be converted, STOP sending them. Easy, right. Since you are in control of your voice-mail files, you just stop sending them to ACCOUNT at Phoneconver.

If you wish to have all of your old files removed, use the 'Delete All' link under 'My Files'.


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