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Server Data/Service Moved!

 Many thanks to Hostwinds.com for being able to retrieve and restore this server!

Welcome to Phone Conversions!

Need to listen to a .wav voice mail on your phone? 

Problem: your phone does not support a .wav file in the Mail program. (Examples: Packet8, Vonage, Verizon, Asterisk, MagicJack, or Work!)

Windows 8 phones welcome WP8.

Solution: convert it!


Forward your .wav or .wmv file to AccountNameHere [at] phoneConvert.com  (create an account first!)

Wait 1-2 minutes, a link will be sent to your 'reply-to' address.

Perfect for Voice Mail or a Video File that was sent via email

File Management

1. Create an account. *Not required for conversions.
2. Login and use 'My Files' menu (under the User Menu).
3. Listen or delete files.

Note: you should use the same email account as you have used from your iPhone

Problems? contact Tech Support

File Not Converting?

A work around has been discovered for some conversion issues.


  1. Your file converts fine when you manually forward it.

  2. The file does NOT convert when you have your phone company automatically forward it.



A double forward.

  1. Create an NEW account at Gmail/Yahoo/Etc. **This account should not have any other emails coming to it. Otherwise, you may have quite a few errors for forwarded emails that don't have a voicemail attached.
  2. Forward from your phone company.
  3. Create a rule that will forward to your account here. **See #1 if this is not possible**

**Gmail now requires a Confirmation Code. If Google sends a confirmation code to your account, the message will be forwarded to your email on file. Note: If your domain is hosted at Google Apps (Google), your account(s) may need special attention. Please open a support ticket so your 'Confirmation Code' can be located.

Priority Service

Effective 11/13/08: Donating Customers will now receive priority conversion.

All other account may experience 3 minutes or more for conversions to occur.

*Note: a one time $10 donation is required to remove any delay (and also the nag messages).

Newbie/First Time Users: the first 20 conversion will not have any delay. Repeat NO DELAYs. So if your messages are delayed, the file format is not supported (or your HTML is messing up the converter/extractor).

With the new OS 3, virtually all .wav files appear to be supported. At least the ones that this service needed to convert. No new formats will be added, sorry.

Formats NOT supported:

Cisco VoIP phone


iPhone, Android, BB Versions

Depending on the version of software on your iPhone/Android (or other phone), you may not be able to use all the possible features.

iPhone iOS 1

  • No attachments in Mail (none, nada, zero.... they just are not supported...).
  • You MUST use Safari to listen to your messages. So uncheck the 'Email Attachment' option.

iPhone OS 2->6.x

  • Attachments are supported. Most .wav files are already supported in OS 3.

Android v.x(?)

1. Acquire an account.

2. Choose to forward your messages to your email.

3. Download a mpeg4 reader from Android Market (if you don't have a mpeg4 app).

4. Use the mpeg4 reader to listen to the 'movie' attachment (file might be saved on your SD card).


BlackBerry - unknown but .wav files do seem to play. You may wish to use this website to 'cleanse' the .wav format.

MagicJack - great solution to listen to your voice files on mobile device.


If you send a file and there is no response (no converted file), this means either the attachment is not supported or your HTML formatting is not supported. Don't bother to send a donation in an attempt to have them sent.

'Nag' Message

Sorry to all, but a new 'Nag' feature has been implemented. Donate and it will be gone. 

With the message count approaching 100,000, my server bill have made it harder for me to 'give back' to the 12,000,000 possible iPhone users.



Remove Account?

If you no longer required your voice-mail files to be converted, STOP sending them. Easy, right. Since you are in control of your voice-mail files, you just stop sending them to ACCOUNT at Phoneconver.

If you wish to have all of your old files removed, use the 'Delete All' link under 'My Files'.


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